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  • State Public Health Departments

    A state health department is the governing entity with statewide primary statutory authority to promote and protect the public's health and prevent disease in humans. >>

  • Tribal Public Health Departments


    For accreditation purposes, a Tribal health department is a federally recognized Tribal government, Tribal organization, or inter-Tribal consortium, as defined in the Indian Self-Determination and Education Assistance Act. >>

  • Local Public Health Departments


    A local health department is the governmental body serving a jurisdiction or group of jurisdictions geographically smaller than a state, and recognized as having primary statutory authority to promote and protect the public's health and prevent disease in humans. >>


The Public Health Accreditation Board is a nonprofit organization dedicated to improving and protecting the health of the public by advancing and ultimately transforming the quality and performance of state, local, tribal, and territorial public health departments.


Greta Roberts Broneill, MPH, CHES

Small Health Department Makes Big Gains Through the Achievement of PHAB Accreditation

By Greta Roberts Broneill, MPH, CHES

The accreditation process reshaped our entire culture here at the Stratford Health Department in Stratford, Connecticut. Prior to beginning our accreditation journey almost six years ago, our small health department of 10 often operated in a fly-by-the-seat-of-our-pants and putting-out-fires manner. We often found ourselves recreating the wheel through duplication of efforts, and this led to struggling efficiency and quality of product.
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Hennepin County Public Health Department in Minnesota shares the benefits of PHAB accreditation through a new video!

PHAB is the grateful recipient of the first “Accreditation Works!” video! Submitted by Hennepin County Public Health Department in Minnesota, the 3 and 1/2-minute video was developed and produced by a team that included Public Health Director Susan Palchick along with Susan Moore, Lori Imsdahl, Tomoko Townsley, Thia Bryan and the health department’s QI Council.
“We are better because of accreditation and want to encourage other departments who are considering accreditation,” said Susan M. Moore, MPA, Accreditation Coordinator at Hennepin County Public Health Department. “With this video we hope to demonstrate our commitment to accreditation and the cornerstones of quality improvement, community engagement, and using data to advance health equity. We thought that video was a more dynamic medium to convey this message.”


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